Based in Cleveland Ohio, Compellotech is an IT consulting company servicing businesses with our delivery-driven and client-centric approach to software development.

Compellotech Consulting

Compellotech Consulting
Our client is the decision maker. Which seems like a simple approach has turned out to be revolutionary.
Lev Vayner,
President of Compellotech

Companies of any size receive the same level of expertise, the same scale of enterprise development solutions as Fortune 500 institutions.

How it started...
Compellotech was founded in April of 2009. The company founders Lev Vayner and Oleg Falkov have worked in the tight-knit Cleveland IT community for the past decade. Oleg Falkov, Director of Technology, has been working with computers since the punch card era. Lev Vayner, President of Compellotech, has led the business to its current state by establishing firm relationships with customers, and providing clients with excellent consultants.


Compellotech practices a client-centric, delivery-driven approach to software consulting and IT services.

We maximize the quality of your involvement throughout the project. The end result guarantees that the output meets business requirements at delivery rather than inception.

Continuous communication with the client ensures up to date specifications and transparency.

The complexity of requirements to modern day applications is daunting and ever evolving. In addition to having a highly trained workforce and industry-leading project management resources, we stand apart from the rest by being delivery-driven and client-centric.

Delivery-Driven : We practice development flexibility

With Compellotech, your business is never locked into the initial project requirements. Changes in project requirements   are easily adaptive and can be done within the shortest possible time. Our unique agile method facilitates constant communication with our clients and provides constant delivery.

ROI benefits are:

• Most important features of your project are prioritized and prototyped.

• Specific technologies that fit your company profile.

• Our project management skills will exceed your expectation. Ultimately, our expertise will translate into lesser development time.

• Proper software architecture relies on the people behind it. We employ experienced software engineers who have knowledge of industry standards, patterns and practices, and effectively communicate with business and technical roles.

Client-Centric: We practice project transparency

At every stage of the development process, our team demonstrates functioning deliverables. The client can interact with product features, give feedback, and adjustments can be made at the next iteration. Communication and collaboration with our client is crucial to the success of a project.

The same team of professionals will work with you throughout the project from inception to delivery, and beyond.

With over 10 years experience of providing IT services, we established a treasure chest of knowledge that can be applied to improve your business.

Deliver Results. Achieve Excellence. It's what we do.