Based in Cleveland Ohio, Compellotech is an IT consulting company servicing businesses with our delivery-driven and client-centric approach to software development.

Compellotech Consulting

Compellotech Consulting



• Our methodology positively affects development speed.

• Increase ROI.

• Achieve faster time-to-market.

We tailor the agile approach to our clients' needs. Compellotech recognizes and follows best practices when creating and maintaining project completeness, quality, and performance.



The Client- Being a client-centric IT company, we are well aware that it takes time, expertise, dedication, and talent not only to provide the deliverables, but also adapt to your request within an allotted time frame. With Compellotech, clients are involved in the development process for project input, prioritization of tasks, and validation. We follow company guidelines while preserving flexibility of the agile approach.

The Team- Collaboration reduces the risk of miscommunication, thereby ensuring that technical requirements are in sync with business expectations. Compellotech engages team members in ongoing training. Our professionals are exposed to new technologies while maintaining compliance with Microsoft patterns and practices.

The Product- To maximize utilization of our software, we provide documentation for the front-end and self documenting code for future development. We conduct code reviews to ensure proper patters are being followed, even when the process is agile. Compellotech implements unit and integration testing for quality assurance.

The Environment- Our infrastructure is prebuilt to support a virtual duplicate of your production environment. For clients that do not have the testing harness, we build our own to emulate the production environment. We utilize source control for secure storage and backup of the code, as well as build servers with integrated testing to ensure each bit of code is functional as it is submitted.

Our Foundation

Based on the Agile approach, we choose the best software development framework that fits with your business needs and infrastructure. Why do we favor the agile approach in developing software?

Transparency – Constant functional deliverables that incorporate high communication and feedback between the client and team.

Flexibility – Requirement changes are easily adapted and are less costly compared to the traditional waterfall approach.

Reuse – With properly architected software, deliverables are building blocks arranged to meet current business needs. We use modular design to ensure your code can be recycled to easily adapt to new requirements.

Market Knowledge - We implement Scrum, XP, and RUP frameworks as well as custom built approaches to best fit your business environment.

Our Approach

Too often a project is knocked off track and starts to weight down company resources. These runaway projects are no stranger to Compellotech; we have a reputation for solving projects where others have failed.

Our Reputation