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Crossroads is a non-profit community behavioral health care organization that has been serving the people of Lake County since 1971. From our headquarters in Mentor, and satellite sites in Painesville, Perry and Concord, Crossroads serves more than 19,000 children and families each year.
Expanding Business Services for Crossroads of Lake County by Creating a Portable Version of their Application.

Overview: Crossroads, a health care provider, sought of a new level of service and care for their patients by offering visits at their residence. For patients that cannot physically go and receive care, a portable solution was needed to reach out and aid patients.

Business need: Expanding services for the staff to travel between offices and continue to use the application with the latest data at any location.

Solution: Creating an application that uses third-party data store and data access, then integrating it with our own customized tool that administers the connection and disconnection process; a version of the application for use away from the server.

Benefits: Enables Crossroads to be convenient for their clients and in turn service more patients quickly.

Case Study A mental health provider for young kids, adolescents, and adults uses an application to manage appointments for social workers, manage client demographics data, medical notes and forms. With a large server-client application written in Access, the company has hopes to allow their social workers to visit clients at their homes, while still being able to create the required documents within the application. To accomplish this task the application (Clinical Assessment Tracking and Triage) would have to be functional in a disconnected mode, and have the ability to later synchronize with its server in order to upload any changes made while disconnected and also receive updates about the social workers clients. The design of the system:

  • A database wrapper class for SQL Server side data processing.
  • A database wrapper class for Access side data processing.
  • A level of SQL statement generation classes for both the SQL server and Access models.
  • A level of Data Logical Mapping that ensured logical uniqueness of records> This was a requirement for the application that revolved around a data structure that used auto-generated primary keys thereby creating a separation between logical and database uniqueness.
  • A Class to "talk" to the third-party application to administer the connection ans disconnection process as well as security authentication.
  • A Class to support this applications GUI functionality.
  • A User Interface to allow the user to log in and perform the tasks of connecting to the server and disconnecting from the server.
  • Some Utility classes for configuration, and other miscellaneous code.