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Austin Powder is a global manufacturing company. It is the second oldest manufacturing company in Ohio. Today, Austin Powder manufactures a full line of industrial explosives and accessories, and provides blasting services to customers throughout North America and around the world.
Converting Data into Usable Actionable Information. A Manufacturing Company in Need of a Reporting Tool.

Overview: An explosives manufacturer and blaster with several data storages and applications used to process data for different departments. A large corporation that has so much data that useful information is being ignored. To benefit business decisions there needs to be a data analysis that is clear and insightful.

Business need: Extracting data and converting it to usable actionable information presenting it a customized report.

Solution: Gather authorized information and create customer data reports through QlikView. To view reports the authorization process goes through the primary server which has delegate right from the Active Directory.

Benefits: Enabling scalability through the ability to separate systems onto several physical machines, and enabling other systems to feed into QlikView server if the user is authenticated on a delegated machine.

Case Study

Austin Powder is the second oldest manufacturing company in Ohio. They manufacture a full line of industrial explosives and accessories. Sharepoint server was utilized by this explosive manufacturer to serve as the document management system for users, but the company was lacking a third party application to generate visible reports. Such reports generate data into maps, trends; customized actionable information.

To ensure no security holes are open with this method, Kerberos authentication is enabled. Each user allowed to view a given report is explicitly assigned to the report in the management interface.  To enable pre-authorization, Qlikview has a functionality that generates tickets which can be fed to the report viewer module. The request of the report does not need to be in any security zone; having a valid ticket is sufficient.

The design of the system:

  • Source server> Component to pre-authorize a report
  • Destination server> Component to generate ticket using client credentials passing from the originating server

Using Qlikview, customized data reports and analytical tools are generated. Using a third-party ticketing system; Kerberos resolves the re-authenticating issue when jumping between servers.