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Dresser is a multionational oil and gas conglomerate of companies. Dresser enthusiastically serves the global energy industry with a progressive vision backed by an extensive history of leadership, experience and integrity.
Creating an Efficient Project Tracking Tool for the Marketing Team at Dresser, an Energy Resource Service Provider.

Overview: An energy equipment and service provider was in need of a better collaboration method. Their previous process consisted of alternating emails for receiving the latest version of project data. For updating values the organization faced tedious work of manually copying and pasting. Their past collaboration approach resulted in data problems with no historical tracking of data changes, inefficiencies, and lack of accountability to support their strategic operations.

Business need: A project tracking solution and an effective conflict resolution mechanism. When accessing data, there is a need for role-based security, and a roll-up view of the data (data that is located in one place) also known as C-Level reporting.

Solution: An application that will work in connected and disconnected mode. All data will be stored in-house and a server application will help resolve conflicts. For Top-level reporting, the central server will keep track of all project data and historical data. For C-level reporting, data will be located in one place in order to perform analytics and see trends. The security feature allows role-based access to project data.

Benefits: Enables Dresser to be more efficient in team collaboration for projects. Users are able to work on a project in real-time. All data is merged, thus eliminating the painful process of copy and paste. The user is automatically notified of conflicting values and is able to see and resolve them. With Top-level reporting, teams are able to track progress and compare their results with previous projects. Teams are able to make informal decisions about future market forecast as well as utilize previous experience and information. As a result, Top-level reporting allows users to be more cost-effective in delivering a new product to market. With C-level reporting, company executives are able to track team progress and effectiveness, analyze various market performances and make informed decisions.


  • Grant the ability for users to work remotely, yet have a central storage for the data.
  • Present a clear way to resolve conflicts.
  • Support a very large user base.
  • Working with a new framework - WPF
  • Timeline for delivery, the product had to be delivered in half of the initial 1 year projected time.
  • Build a consistent solution that can be used across Dresser’s multiple enterprises.

Design of the system (technical information):

  • Built on Microsoft .NET 4.0
  • Application Based on MVVM pattern (model-view, view-model)
  • Data layer has been developed with Microsoft entity framework 4.0 (ORM)
  • GUI implemented with Microsoft Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF)
  • A client server communication has been developed by using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)
  • Custom developed control for presenting data (diagrams, charts, graphs).
  • Using Activity Directory services for implementing role-based security, thus, giving control of security to the companies IT infrastructure team.
  • Custom patent worthy conflict resolution mechanism.


Conclusion Dresser - A company with a two billion per year revenue in the oil, gas, and power generation industries was in need of a collaboration tool. They needed a solution that would allow their marketing department to track product launch and enable analytics of previous product launches. Using only Microsoft Office tools lacked the control and tracking of projects. The Dresser Marketing Toolkit allows the marketing team to dissect their product launch approach into target markets, product message, position, media, and sales. Through a self-descriptive graphical user interface, the Dresser Marketing Toolkit makes it easy to input data and generate reports. The user interface is enjoyable to operate. This application has the ability to later synchronize with the server to upload any changes that were made outside of company premises. When an application is made to work in disconnected mode, security is important. We developed a security system based on Active Directory- adding users with access according to groups. Verifications, policies, and credentials give access to the data the user is requesting.

Launch Survey portion of the Dresser Toolkit lets you send out surveys to clients and track responses