Based in Cleveland Ohio, Compellotech is an IT consulting company servicing businesses with our delivery-driven and client-centric approach to software development.

Compellotech Consulting


All of our made-to-order solutions are secure, maintain data confidentiality, and are able to work with other systems to share information.


Healthcare providers discovered the benefits of precision, speed, and operational efficiency from the use of technology solutions. Improve workflow efficiency. Our custom Electronic Document Imaging service eliminates manual entry of data by providing on-demand patient data retrieval. Significantly cut down instances of fraudulent claims through our verification solution. Our solutions can not only detect fraud but prevent it from happening. We develop Medical Billing Solutions to improve operational efficiency, reimbursement, and collection of claims. In sum, Compellotech can streamline repetitive tasks; automate manual data entry and digitalize medical records. From mobile solutions to document management, our expertise covers a wide spectrum of service offerings.

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