Based in Cleveland Ohio, Compellotech is an IT consulting company servicing businesses with our delivery-driven and client-centric approach to software development.

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Every Compellotech consultant is a seasoned professional with a unique skill-set. Please contact us for more information.

We build solutions for your business needs. Not the other way around.

Application Development- With new applications a business can eliminate manual processes, errors, and overall improve quality of operations. Your customers would be supplied with higher quality service. We are experienced in developing custom applications, proven to satisfy your unique business requirements and support your products and services. Even if you have an outdated system there are ways of creating an application that will coexist with your current IT infrastructure or prepackaged software.

Expert Advisory – Expertise is always highly valued, but too often an expert covers a narrow subject matter. With various facets in your business, it is too costly to maintain an expert in every field. Compellotech provides on-demand access to [IT] industry knowledge when you need it. Companies greatly benefit by leveraging on-demand expert knowledge and gaining a competitive advantage.

“Efficiency, as well as economy, makes it necessary to limit the number of experts participating in discussions on any given subject” – World Health Organization

Project Management- Our dedicated project management service helps us a build a reliable and trusted reputation. We are known for completing project phases on time and within budget. Our mix of best practices, frameworks, and development methodology ensures successful delivery. Through our collaboration tools, we connect our client with our team to effectively communicate business requirements, track deliverables, and measure the overall progress of the project.