Based in Cleveland Ohio, Compellotech is an IT consulting company servicing businesses with our delivery-driven and client-centric approach to software development.

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When a disaster strikes we determine the scope and magnitude of harm followed by a recovery plan.

Software Application – As an application launches and begins to be utilized, we are here to provide you with valuable feedback on how to improve the process, user interface, and integration of the application. From continuous upgrades to user support, we got you covered. We have a team of professionals and processes in place to effectively manage support tickets and respond to requests.

Infrastructure Maintenance- With system support you can prevent downtime disasters and avoid revenue loss. Downtime usually occurs when there is a lack of system support that is congruent with newer and complex applications. This could include slow-downs of processing or an outage. Through our IT risk analysis, we evaluate existing physical systems, environmental systems and the effectiveness of existing security measures. When a disaster strikes, we determine the scope and magnitude of harm. We consider external, internal, and data repository risks, as well as downtime tolerance of each component. Compellotech develops a proposed recovery plan which usually consists of additional servers and a fail-over mechanism with a guide on what to do when a disaster strikes; supplemented by on-site support. Through redundancy (duplication of components), we ensure your critical systems can continue to function when components fail.